Review 4C Passion Meeting 2017

External Media links

Below, you’ll find a list of further links to videos, pictures and press / blog releases.


• Shot by ‚F.G. Studios and Beats‘ (including drone captures) – YouTube
• A long review by ‚Schwaben -Checker‘ – YouTube
• A review by ‚Damess‘ from France – YouTube
• Shot by ‚Pillole di  Weekeend‘ (including a ride on the German motorway) – YouTube
• Shot by ‚Roman Kiepe‘ – YouTube
• A short sequence of a few passing 4Cs – YouTube
• Shot by Gerrit aka Gaki76 (admin of – YouTube


• Our official Instagram account
• Pictures from a 4C-Club-member on flickr
• Pictures by Motorworld Suttgart on Facebook
• Pictures by Gerrit aka Gaki76 (admin of on flickr

Press / Blog releases

• Review by Gerit (admin of on Stile Alfa Romeo
• Review by Alfattitude including many pictures
• Review on | |
• Review by Hiroshi (Japanese Blog)